Traditional jewellery of Hvar Island

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I have been doing this kind of jewellery for more then 20 years and daily my advisement is so make it more better. Jewellery is handmade, silver the first of all that I use in jewellery. By handmade most often I use pearls, corals, semi-precious stones, wood and materials from Dalmatian climates.
Jewellery as the phenomenon follows humankind for centuries. By jewellery are recognized the climates, criterion of time, religions, status symbol of people who are wearing it. So it is also expresses their personality. Mediterranean as region under the influence of different cultures and trade ways through history that had been influenced on defining of jewellery expression. By making jewellery I want to keep that part of history influence through old Croatian and Dalmatian jewellery replica, making it fitting in into more modern The most important jewellery characteristic is that is wearable, as daily so as in
Most of jewellery is being made in only one example. The inspiration is attached to the materials that inspire me, the history as culture and of course to the people who have sense for beauty. Everything that you find in this small Mediterranean store is being made by hand and love attached to jewellery as by me. So equally as by my dear associates and artist as it is my friend. Jewellery makes you happier!
Cvjetko Mazalin 


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